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Tiger Lord
According to legend, an ancient tiger once devoured a woman, unexpectedly it's throat was choked by the woman's bones and was very painful and unbearable. Moments later a passerby named “Wu Zhen Ren” risked his life to treat it. Years later when “Wu Zhen Ren” pass on and turn into a true God, "Bao Sheng Da Di", in order to repay his gratitude the Tiger then voluntarily become his guard, guarding the Great Temple of his. People addressed it as "Tiger Lord". Among the animals of folk beliefs, the highest ranking should be the “Tiger Lord”. Some believers believes when the “Lord” opened it’s mouth, it is bringing wealth to the peoples. In addition the “Lord” not only able to bring in luck but also is cap- able of expulsion swine flu and have the power of warding off Villains & demons.
相传古代有一只猛虎在一次捕食中吞食了一位妇人,不料它的喉咙被 妇人的骨头卡住了,痛苦难当,恰逢神医吴真人的经过,因不忍看到 它痛苦的死去便冒死为其医治,後来吴真人仙逝后成为了真神「保生 大帝」,老虎感念他的大恩大德,便诚心当起他的护卫,忠心守护著 大帝庙,人们乃称为「虎爷」,又据说此虎是黑虎,所以也被称为「 黑虎将军」。民间信仰的动物中,居首位的应该是虎爷。一般寺庙神 案下所供奉的虎爷,是专供土地公骑乘的老虎,有镇庙堂的功用。有 些信徒认为虎爷张著大嘴,是为了叼财宝而来,传说中虎爷会咬钱来 」的现象相呼应。虎爷除了会咬钱来,还有驱逐瘟疫,避小人和降服 恶魔的威力,尤其对小孩子的各种惊吓病症具有保护作用。信徒们也 相信:虎爷掌管孩子的聪明伶俐,也能治疗小孩子的耳下腺炎(生猪 头皮),所以也有大人在祭拜土地公时,会要孩子向神桌下的虎爷叩 头,祈求保护。